Brett Butler

Brett Butler CrossFit Gym Coach In Modesto Near Me

The founder and owner of TPL, Brett Butler is one of the best in the business. Initially known for his athletic training, Brett’s expertise in the fitness industry has allowed The Lab to grow into the booming facility that it is today. The Modesto native has long dreamed of giving back to the community that shaped him, and that’s how his vision for the gym began. From an idea between friends, to this top-notch facility, TPL has become a staple of the city.

Brett is a former Delta State University collegiate athlete and holds his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from California State University-Stanislaus. He has interned with the Louisiana State University (LSU) football team, has coached football and been the strength coach for various High schools and Modesto Junior College. He has trained people from all walks of life; Kids, youth athletes, women, pro athletes from MFL, NBA-D, NFL, PBA, and AFL, and overall the general population. These experiences allow him to run his business with the knowledge, confidence, and charisma that you will see anytime he is around.

Both Brett and TPL are just getting started, and he can’t wait to unveil the next chapter in the business’s journey.