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TPL Group Classes


You can’t hide in these group classes. Our TPL group classes are designed to identify and destroy your comfort zone. We want to unleash that beast we know is in you. Our world-class instructors have trained elite athletes, and they’re ready to turn their focus on you. You’ll be tested by plyometrics, agility exercises, strength training, and more. We’ll keep you motivated, supported, and spotted. A full body program that targets different muscles everyday.

Athlete Training

12 years old & up: high school, college, pro

Preparing our athletes to be the strongest, fastest, and healthiest players on the field or court any time they compete is our number one goal. We combine speed, agility, plyometrics, and weight training to create the most competitive athletes possible. Having trained athletes from youth ages through the professional ranks such as the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB, and combat sports, our athletic training program speaks for itself.

Personal Training

Want to get extra work in? Or class time just don’t work with your schedule? We have the solution for you. Personal training is available with any of our TPL coaches. These can be 1-on-1 sessions or small group environments that provide the trainers more time to focus on you, your technique, form, and goal. Inquire via our forms, number or email, for more details and information or you may contact the coach whom you desire to work with directly on Instagram!

All of our classes/sessions are 1 hour long.

Kids Speed and Agility/Strength Training

5-11 years old

Our TPL kids classes are specifically designed for the youth; Created to focus on increasing power, strength, and agility by developing a great foundation for a lifetime of fitness. We set the groundwork for our youth to compete at the top of their sport and full physical and mental potential through rigorous activity.

The Bakery Fitness Classes

All women’s

Combining strength and femininity, The Bakery is a group class fitness program that is designed to develop the hourglass figure, build muscle, and lose fat! This program specifically focuses on emphasizing the glutes and legs. And of course the upper body shall never be neglected so developing sexy, strong, and feminine back and arms is necessary. Through intense functional training expect to lift, strengthen, and tighten the entire body. Powered by good music and high energy the Bakery is the place to embrace and enhance your curves and body!

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